Reach new peaks of success with the Business Lunch Club.

Welcome to the Business Lunch Club.

We have done a little pivot from when the site was first put up. I started this site to help a friend with his business investments. However, he seems to have lost interest in using the site, so I am going to repurpose the site as a platform to help people with online marketing.

The site’s mission will remain Networking, Education, and Investments. However, the mission will now focus on Education.

The Business Lunch Club is a Southern California business club. In the future we do plan on having networking events as well as educational programing.

The Business Lunch Club provides educational opportunities to help entrepreneurs and businesses learn, grow, and develop. We are starting with a local cable television show about online marketing and social media. In the near future we plan on offering local networking groups.

We are starting in Southern California, one of the most dynamic business capitals of the world. However, we welcome people from all over the world. As we grow, we’ll offer group networking and leadership opportunities in new areas.

Our Business Lunch Club is like the Chamber of Commerce merged with a private business club that brings together a network of experienced business professionals. This group is intended for people who are interested in learning about and participating in new business opportunities.

Many of my friends say they get more business done at lunch than they do in formal meetings. Now you can sit in on and learn a little about what we talk about at lunch, right from your living room, office, or anywhere online.

We are committed to getting new businesses started and helping local economies grow and prosper. You could even think of the business lunch club as the business launch club.

Business Lunch Club meetings will start in the Orange County, Long Beach, San Gabriel Valley, and Los Angeles areas. While lunch is great we will also have breakfasts, dinner, talks, and seminars

Some events are free but most will have a small fee.